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49 Reasons To Blog - Digital Arts Creative

We truly believe that blogging is a great way to market your business and build relationships with existing and potential clients. However many of the businesses we meet shy away from blogging, worrying that it involves too much of a time commitment or that it is not right for their business. So over the past few weeks, we have challenged ourselves to research and come up with 49 different reasons why your business should be blogging…

  1. Blogging shows commitment to your industry
  2. Blogging shows your knowledge of your industry
  3. It gets you known as an authoritative icon for your industry
  4. It shows your development over time which in turn builds trust
  5. Researching topics for your blog keeps you learning
  6. Blogging can be fun
  7. It engages your clients (who doesn’t like to give their opinion on a blog hint hint)
  8. Blogging has been called “a swap meet for the mind.” (Nancy White)
  9. Your website can become like a book where potential clients just read it once, whereas a blog is a subscription and encourages people to keep coming back
  10. Search engines love fresh content
  11. Blogs are a network of links, Google loves links
  12. Links in blogs keeps users on your site and drops your bounce rate (the rate of visitors that visit just one page then leave).
  13. Everybody loves to share good blog posts
  14. Some tweet blog posts (@graphic_designe)
  15. Others digg them (digg is a social bookmarking site)
  16. And it’s perticularly rewarding when users start linking to your site from theirs
  17. After years of blogging, some have written books
  18. A blog helps you reach people you otherwise would never have met
  19. It’s free marketing
  20. You don’t need to have any coding skills
  21. It’s a quick way to create many content rich pages (great for google)
  22. You initiate conversations with readers
  23. A blog will improve your writing skills, essential in many areas of business such as emails, letters and contracts
  24. Blogging improves your thinking, great for networking
  25. Many use blogging as a stepping stone to public speaking
  26. You will engage and inspire others
  27. A blog will increase your confidence and make you more comfortable with being known
  28. It will provide you with reminders of past thoughts
  29. It can win you business. According to Custom Content Council statistics, a website with consistent, relevant content is 60% more likely to win a contract.
  30. A blog provides a great way to communicate regularly with clients without having to regularly pitch products or services to them
  31. A blog can build trust in the minds of potential clients
  32. It can convey the ‘human’ aspect of your organization
  33. It will differentiate your website from your competitors ‘brochure’ websites
  34. A blog is a great way to build contacts, some very influential
  35. Every time you add a post to your blog, you are extending your brand
  36. A blog is a great way to do market research
  37. Blogging helps you keep abreast with whats going on with your customer
  38. A blog promotes loyalty with your clients
  39. If gives people something to talk about and if they talk about your blog, they will talk about your company
  40. Traditional journalists often interview bloggers, in fact they love to do so
  41. It’s a great way to publicise promotions
  42. It’s a great way to engage customers to solve problems and add new ideas to your services
  43. A blog is a great way to address a crisis or bad PR
  44. Blogs are a great way to build new partnerships and alliances
  45. Blogging is a great way to share your success stories
  46. Its a great way to improve your technical skills
  47. A great way to listen and learn from feedback
  48. A blog is a fantastic way to experiment with new ideas
  49. Blogging builds relationships

There we are, 49 reasons to get into blogging. If you have been considering setting up a blog and would like more information on how to set it up for your website, please feel free to drop us an email or give us a call.

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