As a new year begins, many around the world are taking part in the old tradition of setting New Years resolutions. Some you are setting new business goals, others are trying to get fit and some of you are embarking on inspiring challenges to make the world a better place.  Continue reading Doing Our Part to Protect The Environment.

Please note that this article is from back in 2015 and thus does not reflect current trends. Our current advice to all of our clients is to try and move across to a mobile friendly website. We will be releasing a new article with the latest considerations in the near future.

Over the past week or two, many of our clients from Leicester, London and Stafford have been asking us about the impact of what has been dubbed ‘Mobilegeddon’. The media have really blown Google’s latest algorithm change out of proportion and many web designers and developers have used it as a scare tactic to push some businesses into spending huge amounts on new mobile friendly websites. So what is the truth about Google’s new mobile friendly algorithm? Continue reading Should You Fear Mobilegeddon? Do You Need A Mobile Friendly Website?.

You may have heard or read somewhere that all our websites are made to W3C standards. But what are they? W3C stands for The World Wide Web Consortium, an international group that work together to develop Web standards. Designers across the globe endeavor to work to such standards, but what are the benefits?

Websites made the W3C standards have less unnecessary code and thus have considerably lower loading times. This makes websites more friendly to users on slow internet connections, or hand held devices like mobile phones.

Continue reading W3C Explained.

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