January 29, 2017

Doing Our Part to Protect The Environment

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As a new year begins, many around the world are taking part in the old tradition of setting New Years resolutions. Some you are setting new business goals, others are trying to get fit and some of you are embarking on inspiring challenges to make the world a better place. 

Here at Digital Arts Creative we love the beautiful world around us and the incredible wildlife that makes the earth so unique. We are always looking for new ways to do our part to help protect the environment and we know this is something many of you are passionate about too.

We try and do this by using recycled materials wherever possible and recycling over 90% of our waste materials. We also try to use green methods of transportation wherever possible. And from low power LEDs to smart energy efficient equipment, our studio is set up to consume as little power as possible.

By there is always room to improve. At the beginning of this year we have set ourselves the challenge of reducing our paper usage. All of our invoices, contracts and quotes are now sent out electronically as are design drafts and prototypes wherever possible. Our clients are welcome to print their own copies if needed. However if you do require a paper copy of an invoice, quote or contract to be sent out to you, one can be requested subject to a £2.99 “paper fee”. We don’t just pocket this fee, at least 50% of it will be donated to charities working to preserve and regenerate our forests and jungles around the globe.

It is our hope that together we can do even more to care for our beautiful environment.

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