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Stafford Based Web Design

The internet has to be one of the most effective ways to promote your brand. Gone are the days of telephone directories, Google is the new yellow pages and your website is usually the first point of contact with potential clients.

Websites That Deliver Results

Yes, in todays’ world, a compelling online presence is essential. But the world of web design can be a scary place for a business owner. There is no shortage of web designers, but how many of them take the time to research and plan the marketing aspects of your website to deliver a result?

Planning a Successful Website

Just like any other marketing tool, a website has to be planned well to deliver results and we have all the tools needed to help you get the best out of it. We can help craft a website that delivers solid results.

The Benefits of a Strategic Website

When used properly, your website enables you to start building relationships with your audience before you even meet them. It has the power to help your brand touch the lives of your audience and inspire brand loyalty.

One of the biggest benefits of a well thought out website is its ability to carry your brand consistently over different platforms, enabling it to reach a far wider audience then ever before.

Years of Experiance Developing Websites

We started designing websites back when animated logos and flash intros were all the rage. Now we have developed the craft of beautiful simples websites that not only look good, but deliver results. Built with W3C standards and SEO in mind, we plan our client’s websites down to the finest detail.

We code using the latest and best practices. We are proficient using several coding languages, however our strengths and experience lay in html5, php and css.

We design and craft successful websites that
  • Identify and solve your audiences problem
  • Touches your users on a human level
  • Encourages your users to take the next step, giving them the incentive to do so
  • Are easy even for the least technically minded person to use confidently
Time for a website that delivers? Give us a call on 01785 212 776

How We Can Help

Here are just a few of the things we can do to to ensure that your website delivers solid results.
Responsive Web Design

Responsive Websites

Some people believe in having two websites, one for computers and another for mobile phones. But we offer to go a step further, optimising your website so that it fits all screen sizes from mobiles and tablets to computers of any size. If your users have a more pleasant experience, they are more likely to return to your website and buy your service.
Website Planning

Website Planning

Knowing what you should and shouldn’t have on your website isn’t always easy. We have some great website planning documents to help you plan your website and it’s content. We can also talk you through all the options and help you choose the most effective route to go down to get the best out of your new website.
Ecommerce Web Design

E-Commerce Websites

An online shop is a great way to sell your products over the internet. We have a bespoke system called Hot Ice that can be integrated into your new website, allowing you to manage your products, stock levels, orders and much more. We can also talk you through the best ways to promote and grow your online shop.
Wordpress Integration

Wordpress Websites

We love Wordpress and so do our clients. We offer a number of services including integrating Wordpress into your website, creating custom themes or even supplying one to one or group training sessions. We can talk you through the options and help you decide whether Wordpress or a bespoke Content Management System would be best.
Search Engine Optomisation


When you finally have your shiny new website, something that you are truly proud of, you will want people to be able to find it. We develop all of our websites to be search engine friendly and show our clients how best to promote it to the top of search engines like Google.
Website Analytics

Website Analytics

When you have your great new website up and running, you will no doubt want to monitor how it is performing. We usually set up a great system called “Google Analytics” that helps you see who is visiting your website, where they come from and which parts of your website are most popular.
Web Hosting

Web Hosting

Every website on the internet needs to be ‘housed’ somewhere, usually on a server. We hire out servers for our clients so that if they choose, we can accommodate their website and email services. We can also help you choose and buy a domain name (the address somebody types in when coming to your website).
Social Media Integration

Social Media Integration

One of the most rewarding parts of having a website is when people start talking about it. We can help you give this a kick start by integrating services like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn onto your website. We can also show you how to get the most out all of these services.
Freelance Web Design

Freelance Web Design

We work with a number of design and marketing agencies, providing everything from design and development services to consultancy. We offer to work either remotely or on site and can help you reach even the tightest of deadlines.
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