November 2, 2011

Six Questions You Should Be Asking Clients

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There is nothing more powerful then to see your business through the eyes of your clients. It helps to find where your strengths and weaknesses are, provides you with testimonials to use on your website and can be a great boost to your confidence. Customer feedback is essential to building and marketing a successful brand. But what should you ask?

How would you describe us to a friend?

In my opinion, this is the most important question when planning your marketing, and it usually comes with interesting answers. Often where you think you excel is not where others feel your real benefit is. Find out how others describe you and use this when promoting your company.


How can we improve?

No matter how successful you are, you should always be looking for ways to improve and the best people to ask are your clients. When you get suggestions, take them on board and thank the client for their input. Addressing these areas is also a great way to get good at doing what your competitors don’t offer.


What do we do well?

This question is crucial to your marketing plan. It is important to find out what you do well, and use these points to market yourself.


Why did you choose us?

Find out why people choose you, and use these qualities to build up more work.


Where did you find us?

It’s essential to know where clients are finding you, and strengthen these links. If they have clicked through from a site, work on building more links from similar sites. If someone recommended them, make a point of thanking that person.


Would you use us again?

This question is great for getting quotes to use as testimonials, and can be a real boost to your confidence.


A great time to ask these questions is when submitting your invoice, but you can also post these questions to your blog, as a survey or even via a polite email. Always remember to thank your client for taking time to help you.

An important time to get such feedback is before designing your website or marketing material such as a brochure or flyer. Let your designer know what clients have said, and ask him how best to implement this into your design. If you have any problems collecting or interpreting feedback, please feel free to get in touch with us for some pointers and help.

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